• Be on time.
  • Be Formal.  Men should be clean shaven with a neat haircut. Women should have their hair done accordingly. Make sure your fingernails are cut and your breath is okay. Do not chew gum or candy during the interview.
  • Must have resume, copies of certificates, a photograph and a pen in hand.  
  • Before entering to the employer’s room take permission from the front desk/reception.
  • In the waiting hall, sometimes, their staff can be there, mixing with you as interviewees to judge you. Do not speak bad about company, arrangements, infrastructure or don’t gossip there. Your behaviour there can be judged also.
  • Enter to the interview room only after knocking the door. Greet the employer, Have a firm handshake, have a smile, and eye contact. Clear the first round by good appearance, good talk, good walk and smile. Do not grab the first seat available.Wait for the interviewer to ask you to sit down. Sit properly, Means legs and feet together
  • Be polite, Calm, confident not arrogant, honest and answer to the point within the allotted time.
  • Be well prepared:-Prepare yourself and Must know about company profile and the job profile of the post you are applied.
  • Begin with your academics, speak about your professional experiences, starting with your most relevant one, Discuss your leadership positions outside of your professional activities, Touch on your technical skills, Speak about your awards, interests and passions in life.
  • Dont interrupt the employer while he or she is talking, the communication must be two way. Be prepared with questions to ask, and joint some down during the interview. Your ability to ask straightforward, insightful questions lets the interviewer understand your perspective and concerns, as well as your judgment and analytical ability.  
  • If the interviewer is writing something, do not lean to read, you will become more nervous. 
  • Avoid negative comments about the past employer.
  • Always think positive while answering the questions.
  • Never lie with the employer.
  • Never argue with the employer any point of view. Try to convince your interviewer of what you intend to convey in a diplomatic and soft manner. 
  • Make your exit confidently.





2 thoughts on “INTERVIEW TIPS

  1. Dear sir/Mam

    Thanks for providing these valuable informations. Please put a write up on frequently asked interview questions? Please mention the right sense of answering.

    1. This person rlaely just talks about common sense.For those struggling to actually trying to get an interview, it is actually easy. All you must do is try and seperate yourself from the field. This can be done through networking or utilising many sources on the internet. Just as a starting point anyway.Apparently over 60% of jobs/employees are found through sites like LinkedIn

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