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1. Is it necessary to register with for availing the services ?
  You can get a brief summary of job available in each category even without registration. However for availing the full range of services like creating online resume, apply online and receiving job alerts etc., it is mandatory that you register with the portal.
2. How do I register with ?
  You can either apply for resume registration through the online resume builder form available in the portal or by walking in to our head office at Cochin or any one of our franchisee offices across the country.
3. How do I make payment for hosting fee ?

There are three payment options available

  • By cash at our Cochin office or with Franchisee

  • By Demand Draft / Money Order in favour of payable at Cochin.

  • By Credit Card / Debit Card

4. What is "My" ?
  "My" is an exclusive page provided to the registered candidates for viewing updating, processing, monitoring and managing their resume easily from a centralised place.
5. How do I "Search Jobs" suitable to my profile ?
  "Search Jobs" Section of the "My"  allows you to search for a suitable job using a set of search agents. For doing so the registered candidates have to log in to "My"  and select "Search Jobs" Section. Now you can select different search agents from the combination boxes and enter the required key words in the space provided and click "Advanced Search". The selected jobs will be displayed.
6. What are the facilities available in the "My Resume" Section of "My" ?
  "My Resume" Section of "My"  provide facility to view and edit the resume. It also helps to change the account information like User Id and Password. For updating the resume, registered candidates need to first log in to "My"  and then select "My Resume". From the resulting page, the required section of the resume can be selected for editing by clicking on the relevant link provided on the page. The option to make the personal identity hidden can also be selected here. Facility to upload photograph is also provided in this page.
7. What are the facilities available in the "Job Applications" Section of "My" ?
  This section of "My"  give very useful and interesting statistics regarding the "Resume Visibility" and "Job Applications". The "Online Application" Status gives the details of job applications (resumes) forwarded by the candidate for jobs listed in the database while "Emailed Applications" gives the details of job applications (resumes) forwarded by the candidate for job not listed in the database. "Resume Views" give the statistics regarding the number of times your resume has been viewed. "Resume forwarded" Status give the details regarding the jobs for which your resume has been shortlisted by us and forwarded to the employer for consideration.
8. What are the facilities available in "Job Matches" Section of "My" ?
  "Instant Job Match" is a unique auto job matching service performed by our powerful search engine based on 4 different types of precision levels. These precision levels are "May be suitable", "Merely suitable", Moderately Suitable" and "Most suitable". The default setting is "May suitable". However this default setting can be changed by selecting "Edit Job Preference" any time. The listing of jobs in the "Instant Job Match" depends on the selected precision level. The accuracy and number of job matches displayed can be varried by selecting different precision levels. For example, if you select "Most suitable" the number of job displayed will be minimum but the jobs are likely to be most accurate to your profiles and vise versa for "May be suitable" setting.
9. Is it possible for me to change/modify the response level of "Job Alert" received by me ? How do I do that ?
  The default level of Job Alert setting is "May be suitable" which is based on the job category and area of specialisation only. It means you will be receiving maximum job alerts but some of them may not be exactly suitable to you. If you want to restrict the job alerts to only the most apt job matches you need to change the precision level to "Most suitable" by clicking the "Edit job preference" link of "Job Matches" in the "My" Section. You can  also optimise the job alert response by further modifying the job category if required and updating the key words from the Edit Job Preference link.
10. What is "Call Letters" Status ?
  In this section, the details of call letters received by the candidate from employers for various jobs will be displayed.
11. How do I post my resume online ? Is there any guidelines for creating an effective online resume ?
  For posting your resume first click the "New User" icon under the job seeker's section of index page. Now click the New User Sign Up. The Online resume builder form will appear (click here for the Guidelines)
12. Is it possible to make any identity (personal particulars) hidden while my resume is displayed ?
  Yes. You can indicate your preference regarding the "Hide My Identity" in the resume builder form or else you can later log in to "My" and select "hide my identity" link under the "My Resume" Section.
13. Can I apply for a job using my online resume for a job which is not posted in data base ?
  Yes. You can do so by selecting the "Email my resume" link under the Section "Applications" of "My".
14. What is the difference between "Email my resume" service and "Apply online" for jobs ?
  "Apply Online" service facilitates easy forwarding of online resume to any jobs posted in All such resumes will be accompanied by a cover letter designed by for you. However for jobs not available in the database, this service cannot be used. "Email my resume" on the other hand, facilities easy forwarding of your online resume to any jobs (whether posted in the site or not). This facility also allows you to use your own cover letter, and save a copy of the same for future use.
15. How do I track the shortlisting status of my resume online ?
  Everytime an online call letter is sent to you by a prospective job provider, the same is recorded in the "Call Letter Status" of "My Jobsomega" which can be checked any time.
16. Can I get information about my resume visibility (No. of times my resume has been viewed) ?
  Yes, this information is available in the "resume visibility status" in the MyJobsomega Section.
17. How do I insert my text format resume with my online resume ?

Yes. There is a provision in the online resume application form for inserting the text format resume files (cut and paste your text format resume on the space provided for the same) .

18. How do I upload or replace my latest photograph in my resume page ?
  Yes, this facility can be selected by clicking the "upload your photograph" icon in the "My" section ("My Resume" Sub Section) .
19. Is it possible for me to improve upon the rankings of my resume when it is displayed ?
  During resume search, a maximum of 25 resumes are listed in one page. The ranking or the order of resume listing is based on the respective date of resume submission or resume updation whichever is latest. Therefore the regular updation of your resume will ensure a higher ranking in the resume listing. Apart from this, the regular updation of your resume contents would also give an impression of being a fresh resume to the prospective employer.
20. Incase I Opt for resume hosting through the offline "Resume Hosting Form" (Printed Form). Do you offer any assistance for filling up the same ?
  Yes, the "guidelines for creating an effective online resume through resume builder" available with all the Jobsomega offices & franchisees provides all those information you ought to know before attempting to complete the resume hosting form.


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