Graphic Designing Tutor

Graphic Designer Click here to know company Kannur / Cannannore

Job Description

A professional in education who instructs students about key graphic design concepts and techniques. Most graphic design teachers use a combination of lectures and demonstrations to help their students visualize different processes in the field, such as using computer programs to create designs and organizing images for promotional purposes. Some graphic design teachers also have specialized experience in certain areas of the industry, such as logo design, web design or layout and print design.
Develop lesson plans to cover key concepts and techniques in graphic design
Complete demonstrations for students to showcase various techniques
Offering lectures on graphic design concepts
Ensuring that all students know how to use graphic design software
Assigning projects to students to track their progress
Using visual aids to provide examples for students to reference for assignments
Helping students after class when they need extra guidance
Attending conferences about graphic design to collaborate with other industry professionals

Work Location : Kannur
Illustration editing and software knowledge is mandatory


Adobe Flash , Designing , Graphic Designing , Graphic Design , Software Skill , Illustration ,



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