3 steps to make your resume more recruiter-friendly in 2019

3 steps to make your resume more recruiter-friendly in 2019

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Make your resume more recruiter-friendly

While planning to write a resume or working on one’s LinkedIn profile, the chief objective is, of course, getting into the heads of hiring managers. What could be the recruiters looking for? How could one optimize his resume enough to catch their attention? Recent studies carried out in the context, cutting edge technological assistance revealed… Read more »

How does an ideal brainstorming session work?

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ideal brainstorming session work

A team method for realizing fresh ideas, solving issues and having teams motivated and developed, brainstorming is indeed a powerful concept. By involving team members in serious management as well as organizational problems, brainstorming prompts collaboration. In more simpler words, it prompts the smooth progression of a team by furthering members’ mutual cooperation. Brainstorming is… Read more »

Guidelines to Successfully Overcoming Career Plateaus

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Guidelines to Successfully Overcoming Career Plateaus

  A career plateau refers to a state in the business where everything is going without issues, with no trace of major crises to solve, fires to extinguish; and at the same time, there are the absence of fresh opportunities, or risks to be taken. A status quo is prevalent during a career plateau. According… Read more »

The right and left brains; how could they perform optimally?

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left and right brain

As you know well the human brain is one of the most complex analyses of the universe hitherto known to man. It is held that the human brain has power beyond compare. It controls most of the body’s activities through process, integration and coordination of data received, and decisions sent to the body parts. As… Read more »

6 Simple Tips to Boost Motivation in the Workplace

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motivation in the workplace

It is quite a normal thing to have those days when you are seldom motivated to do anything. However, you need to consider it a bit more seriously if such a feeling happens often. Frequent bouts of such pessimistic feeling could be subtly trying to say that something requires a change. Now you may find… Read more »

Tips for Preparing an Elevator Pitch that Helps you Get Hired

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elevator pitch

A brief summary of the experience and background of a job candidate is considered an elevator pitch. The term happens for the sole reason that a candidate must be able to explain briefly all about himself including his qualifications to the hiring manager within a twelve-floor elevator ride. Generally, an ideal elevator pitch should limit… Read more »

Key Tips to Change the Workers Attitude to Get Noticed at Work

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tips to get noticed at work-Jobsomega

Getting recognized for things done at work is liked by all, regardless of the worker being a proclaimed achiever or just an ordinary drudgery. However, the fact is that the majority of workers are those who may feel they are struggling in the race of getting noticed by their managers. Then this essentially need not… Read more »

Present Minimum Wages Scenario in India, Middle East and Europe

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Quite a politically charged issue in world employment market is the impact of minimum wages on economics based on employment. The minimum wage concept has in the recent times become a confusing thing for many commoners. This bit of confusion has been sparked off by the supporters as well as the critics of the concept…. Read more »

Tips for an Interview Candidate on Ideal Attitude and Conduct

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Tips for an Interview Candidate

Who will not agree on the idea that job hunting could be a nerve-wracking experience? The process of job hunting goes right from recording each qualification painstakingly and drafting the ideal cover letter to appear for the job interview in the most pleasing as well as fruitful manner. The interview for sure is the most… Read more »

Factors that Threaten Job Security and their Solutions Discussed

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A recent study report says that majority of the Americans view technology as a potential factor of devastating their job opportunities while there are still a considerable number of people across the developed countries who consider immigration as well as off-shoring the gravest danger faced by their jobs. Nevertheless, job security is one of the… Read more »

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