Tips on Grabbing Recruiter’s Attention in 2018 Job Search

It happens that recruiters tire their clients serving them mundane positions, which calls for programming languages that might seem sophisticated and blazing for them. This can be one of those many recruiting trends for the year 2018 that would immensely impact career search.

Here we provide the major recruiting trends for the year 2018 that would help meet the job seeker’s career-related resolutions for the fresh year. In the process, let’s also discuss a few tips on taking advantage of the changes.

1. AI to replace ATS in recruiting on web

Since the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software application that enables recruiters to handle their needs electronically, today they have leveraged technology for making jobs easier, speedier and more effective. The result has been the emergence of a dominant HR theme for recruiting – the Artificial Intelligence or simply AI.

AI, as an emerging category of HR technology based recruiting, has been designed to cut down, or even remove, those activities consuming vital time including manually screening resumes. This technological advancement tools often engage predictive capabilities to determine aspirant professionals that are interested in the expansion of their skill sets. Formerly, prospects were identified using keyword matching and prior experience.

Experts predict a wider adoption of AI tools and technology in 2018 with every one of them being designed to optimize a specific process in the recruiting cycle such as recruitment marketing, candidate screening, sourcing or outreach by turning them more precise, aimed and hyper-personalized.

It is understood that certain tools are even capable of understanding the skill sets of present employers to employ deep learning for identifying prospects with similar attributes. Then the fresh tools, in general terms, are designed to yield better matches.

This happens as a welcome change in the industry that has been viewing identification of the right candidate from a massive applicant pool as the hardest part of recruitment.

As a result, a study of talent acquisition leaders done recently has reported 56 per cent of recruiters as saying their hiring volume would increase in 2018. According to another survey, some 62 per cent of recruiting firms plan to invest in recruiting software powered by AI in the fresh year.

Tips for the Job-seeker

Sourcing tools enabled with AI search the entire web. This will increase the chances of the job seekers showcasing their interests, career aspirations and even hobbies, to hear about growth opportunities. A person searching for jobs under fresh conditions is therefore advised to be quite direct on what he wanted to learn, what he has been dabbling in on the side and if he wanted to be contacted on stretch projects as well as roles.

2. More diverse talent pools

As recruiters have been increasingly willing to employ non-traditional candidates in a bid to expand talent pools, many of the advanced sourcing tools tend to scrape photographs and replace the names of the candidates with their initials with a view to conduct and unbiased sourcing process.

Tips for the Job-seeker

Candidates wanting to work in tech despite not having a traditional profile are advised to focus their resume on their approach to work, emphasizing what they have delivered in previous roles. This approach is expected to attract the recruiters’ attention more if the latter is willing to consider unconventional background as well.

3. No more up-front screening and top-grading by employers

As per fresh conditions, recruiters are keen on shortening the process of job application instead of adding more hoops for the candidates to squeeze through. This makes it easier for the applicants to get their foot in the door. Some companies have even put an end to administering coding tests as well as assessments before bringing in candidates as they have turned increasingly willing to have a conversation with them before proceeding to the assessment stage.

Tips for the Job-seeker

Here, the candidates are advised to engage with recruitment managers and present employees before spending time applying. Candidate’s knowledge of the ins and outs is crucial. Therefore, the candidates can improve their chances by requesting an informational interview or participating in the online community forums of the company.

4. Changing trends in personal outreach

The widespread problem of a majority of job searchers receiving a load of irrelevant emails from recruiters is facing a correcting change today. The reason for this has been the failure of recruiters in tracking email open rates or clicking through those. Nevertheless, today recruiters are understood to be keen on using fresh tools to forge connections with candidates by giving personalized email outreach, specific job opportunities as well as customized follow-up.

Tips for the Job-seeker

The candidates are advised to publish their wish-list, even while they would probably be carrying on receiving certain off-target recruiter inquiries. The wish-list of the candidates would be ideal if it stands to broadcast three to five top career goals of theirs.

5. Compensation not always the deciding factor

As companies are realizing that compensation is hardly the deciding factor always, for candidates’ deciding on accepting or rejecting an offer, they are increasing emphasizing on the overall tech-pro package approach. Such packages refer to the ones including opportunities for telecommuting or working with some most advanced technologies as part of a creative culture.

Tips for the Job-seeker

It is crucial for the candidates to know what is most valuable for them before starting their job search as many recruiters are willing to modify an offer of theirs or customize an offered package providing they knew what mattered most to the candidates and why.

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