The right and left brains; how could they perform optimally?

As you know well the human brain is one of the most complex analyses of the universe hitherto known to man. It is held that the human brain has power beyond compare. It controls most of the body’s activities through process, integration and coordination of data received, and decisions sent to the body parts. As the human nervous system’s command centre, the brain receives as well as sends input and output messages through sensory organs and muscles.

The brain has two sides. The left side of the brain is considered the logical side, while the right side of it, is said to be the creative side. It is understood that the person whose brain’s left side is kicking in is more likely to be rational and analytical.


The Left Brain


The left half of the brain is also called the speech centre. This is because of its capability of building thoughts and converting those into words. The left brain is also responsible for assimilating things to certain logical or sequential order. In short, one can say that the left brain thinks in words. Certain kind of human activities including reading, writing, talking, mathematical reasoning and data’s sequential processing is managed by the left brain.

So-called left-brained people could be assets for the modern workplaces as they could be more active with the functions and thoughts linked with logic, sequencing, analytics etc. These are all things much needed for helping people navigate successfully through their routine workdays. This is significant as it is what the modern world is mainly based on. A society that prioritises the left brain also prioritises science and technology along with operational systems, the organization of data, and logistics and management.

It is believed that the people who tend to ask more questions and exact more answers are left-brainers. They are the ones that are better planners and list-makers. They also tend to connect themselves better to time and schedule, bearing a penchant for planning thing up to the last detail. These people are considered to be more likely to solve issues by breaking them into simpler components.


The Right Brain


The right side of the brain is considered by many experts as manager of visual as well as auditory processing. It also is said to deal with the artistic ability and spatial skills. That says right-brainers are easy to spot. These should be people that daydream and doodle. They may be more concerned about colours and scents. They could be the people that are better aware of the emotions of both theirs as well as of the people around them. They may relate to other people more comfortably, understanding in a better manner their experiences and viewpoints since being intuitive as well as spontaneous.


Interdependent Right and Left Brains


Typically, information transmits from one side to the other side of the brain. Therefore, it is inferred that a lot of interdependence is present between the two hemispheres of the brain. Then it is also not rare for one side of the brain to act more dominant than the other.  However, the symmetrically appearing hemispheres of the brain are not so symmetrical in their functioning. For example, the left brain controls the right hand while the right brain deals with the left hand.


Striking the Ideal Right and Left Balance


The brain is said to be working on the principle – use it or lose it. The more the person puts his brain to use the better it gets. It is also significant to improve the lesser dominant side of the brain to keep things generally better since people are often either left brained or right brained. Some simple tips are believed to help in boosting the balance as well as coordination existing between both sides of the brain.


Workouts for the Left Brain

  • Right sentence structure crafting, spelling and grammar perfection, writing process are all good tips for stimulating the left brain. That says blogging and tweeting on social networks may not at all be waste of time.
  • Activities that stimulate logic and reasoning such as anagrams, crosswords, Sudoku, a game of chess and solving tough math problems are left brain boosters.
  • It turns out that being systematic yields more advantages. Chalking out plans for the day, organizing data and making to-do lists are as good as maintaining a diary when coming to boosting the left brain.
  • Learning a fresh skill, language or activity optimizes functions of the left brain.
  • Reading a book is a great stimulant of the left brain.

Workouts for the Right Brain

  • Observation is a key exercise for boosting photographic memory. Taking a few minutes off the routine work for observing one’s desk space or a train station and then remembering the details with closed eyes is believed to develop observatory powers; a part of right brain’s portfolio.
  • Memory games, word association, and doodling boosts creativity, the coolest weapon of the right brain.
  • Picking an art of interest such as dance, paint or theatre and following it ardently will do a world of good for the right brain
  • Playing a musical instrument is definitely a right brain booster exercise
  • The Japanese art of Origami that highlights the folding of paper into amusing shapes will develop the motor skills attributed to the right brain.
  • Strategy formation, through visualization and implementation, is a delight to the right brain.

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