How LinkedIn plays an upper hand in Job Hunting

How LinkedIn plays an upper hand in Job Hunting

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LinkedIn is one of the best business networking sites around to help anyone searching for new job opportunities to maximize their job search. An extraordinary large number of people are already using this site – far more so than other business networking sites that I know of. It is easy to regard LinkedIn as another… Read more »

8 Classic Interview Mistakes and How to recover from it

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There are big interviewing mistakes and there are little mistakes that you can make as a candidate during the interview. Some are universal. However, some mistakes that would be a big deal at one firm might be considered a little mistake at another. Nevertheless, be mindful of not making the most common of mistakes we… Read more »

6 impressive tricks to makeover your resume

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Resume making is probably one of the most overlooked parts of a job hunting strategy. You must have seen hundreds of resumes that have almost a similar pattern. The whole idea behind creating a resume is to attract the reader’s attention and compel them to want to know more about you. Does your resume serve… Read more »

Interesting Questions that an Interviewer can ask to a fresher!

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These are some questions that you may be asked during an interview and some suggested waysto frame your answers. While it is extremely advisable to learn the questions and create your OWN answers, it is equally advisable to sound natural and not wooden in an interview. Most of the questions relate either to your ability… Read more »

Advice for Job Hoppers: How to Leverage Gaps in Your Resume??

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With today’s way of work, people often change their job positions. In the past when someone would get hired by one company, used to stay loyal until the end, and retiring with a pension and gold watch. These days we don’t have the same situation. With all the struggles in finding the dream job, people… Read more »

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