3 steps to make your resume more recruiter-friendly in 2019

While planning to write a resume or working on one’s LinkedIn profile, the chief objective is, of course, getting into the heads of hiring managers. What could be the recruiters looking for? How could one optimize his resume enough to catch their attention? Recent studies carried out in the context, cutting edge technological assistance revealed where the hiring managers mainly spent their ti

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How does an ideal brainstorming session work?

A team method for realizing fresh ideas, solving issues and having teams motivated and developed, brainstorming is indeed a powerful concept. By involving team members in serious management as well as organizational problems, brainstorming prompts collaboration. In more simpler words, it prompts the smooth progression of a team by furthering members’ mutual cooperation. Brainstorming is a utili

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Guidelines to Successfully Overcoming Career Plateaus

  A career plateau refers to a state in the business where everything is going without issues, with no trace of major crises to solve, fires to extinguish; and at the same time, there are the absence of fresh opportunities, or risks to be taken. A status quo is prevalent during a career plateau. According to Kathleen Brady, a renowned author, a career plateau feels like having a lack of en

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