Mindfulness Meditation Can Boost Your Career & Job !

Meditation can help you in many ways, from relieving stress, relaxing, improving your health, and boosting your energy and much more. Practicing some type of meditation can also help your career. You may wonder how? It is easy. When you practice the meditation every day or some days of the week, the results will come soon. You will feel better, look healthier and the most important, you will find

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7 Interesting questions that an interviewer can ask !!

If you are an interviewer and looking for the right candidate for your company, then you should pay attention on the questions you ask, and how much information will you get from them. It is good to start with getting to know question in order to make a comfortable atmosphere, and reduce the tense feelings, and then continue to the important part. So, as the one who hires people, you need to ask t

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Want to Impress The Interviewer? Here’re 5 Foolproof Interview Tricks!

First impression is never as important as when you appear for a job interview. More often than not, you get one shot at the job and your prospects depend on how good a shot you make it. It is all about impressing and convincing the interviewer that you are their best choice. So how to ensure that you have given it your best? We have listed out 5 foolproof interview tricks that recruiters and profe

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