7 Interesting questions that an interviewer can ask !!

If you are an interviewer and looking for the right candidate for your company, then you should pay attention on the questions you ask, and how much information will you get from them. It is good to start with getting to know question in order to make a comfortable atmosphere, and reduce the tense feelings, and then continue to the important part. So, as the one who hires people, you need to ask the right questions and get the right answers. Among the most important questions an interviewer can ask are following.

1. How would you describe the previous relationships with the people you have worked with?

This question includes the best and the worst relationships with the coworkers. In that way you can see if the candidate can work in a team, if will have any disagreements or what type of interactions will conclude. It is really important to notice this because you need a candidate who can at least exchange one sentence, if not more, you don’t need someone who is not friendly at all. Also, you will see if the candidate will talk bad about the previous boss, and thus see how the work environment was.

2. What is your biggest accomplishment until now, how you managed the whole project, how you measured the success and what was the biggest mistake you have made?

From the answer of this question you will see if the candidate is at least a little bit honest. If he/she talks all the best, and says that no such big mistakes happened to him/her, then you would definitely know that it’s a mask, and the candidate is selling herself/himself at the best possible price. This will also show you if the candidate is humble, gives credits to others and knows the work in a team. If the candidate exaggerates and tells all the best things about himself/herself then you will definitely know that there are some lies.

3. What have you done successfully in your career, but is not the job you have wanted, and still you were successful?

The answer of the question will show you the point of view of the candidate about doing a job he/she didn’t want, and yet at the end the result was a success. If you want them to talk about experience they don’t want to repeat again, then you would probably see a little bit of their emotional side. Everyone gets a little emotional while talking about extreme experiences.

4. In your opinion, is it better to be good, but on time, or perfect and professional, but always late?

Most of the managers and bosses are looking for the perfection in their employees and candidates. While seeking for that they are unable to understand that it is always good to be on time and good for the job. Everything can be improved, especially today, in the world of technology where everything changes so rapidly. So if the candidate says good and on time, then you have the right one. It is more important to finish the work until the deadlines, than always being late in everything. Being good is good enough for the company, since you will see that you have a serious candidate.


5. What would be the thing you would improve for our company, if you could do that?

If the interviewee starts telling you about the improvements your company can make, it means is a two way communication and the candidate did the job well. You will have clear perspective that the candidate got information about the company and the position applying for, is not coming not informed, which already tells a lot. Have in mind to hear the answer of the candidate, and then analyze if really improvements could be done there. If the answer is yes, then stop searching, you already got the perfect candidate for your company.

6. How would you describe the perfect candidate for the position you are applying for?

If the candidate starts numbering the qualities you wanted from the perfect one, then you can see that you are on the right track. If the candidate adds some qualities you have forgot and didn’t mention before, be sure to add them in your mind on the next interview.

7. How this job fits for you and what are your career plans in the future?

This is definitely the best question to ask at the end of the interview, so you can hear how the candidate sees himself/herself in the future. If she/he describes working in a similar position you are offering, then the right candidate is in front of you. If not, then at least you will know he/she wouldn’t fit in the company and you would stop wasting your time.