Want to Impress The Interviewer? Here’re 5 Foolproof Interview Tricks!

First impression is never as important as when you appear for a job interview. More often than not, you get one shot at the job and your prospects depend on how good a shot you make it. It is all about impressing and convincing the interviewer that you are their best choice. So how to ensure that you have given it your best? We have listed out 5 foolproof interview tricks that recruiters and professionals vouch to work!

  1. Be Nice!

The moment you enter the office premises, consider your interview started. Don’t save your best face for the interviewer alone. The front-office staff, assistants and that lady who led you to the conference room? Be nice to all of them and thank them politely. It is a great start and more importantly, your behavior might get back to the HR team. Some organizations make it a point to enquire your conduct to the receptionist and Front-Office crew you encountered. Being nice pays off!

  1. Small things add up to a lot!

Being the early bird is a desirable quality. But do not overdo it and arrive too early. You might seem a little too desperate if you are the first to arrive in the office. Likewise, practice with a friend and make sure that you have a firm handshake. It may sound obvious, but how you shake hands speaks volumes about you. You want it to be firm, but not so tight that it feels like you are trying to break bones! The worst is the “fish” handshake – a completely limp hand. It is almost as bad as gripping someone around their fingers instead of fully locking hands at the base of the thumb. You’d be surprised how much your handshake contributes to that all-important first impression. And please do remember to silence your cell phone before you walk in the door!


  1. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Prepare! There is no shortcut to this but we do have tips to ensure that you let the employers know that you have done an impressive amount of research. Learn about the company and get yourself updated. You can bet that a considerable fraction of your conversation will be about your prior experience. We strongly recommend that you be prepared with at least two achievements- individual and team, for each position you held. This will come up in the conversation and you can tell them without parroting the information already highlighted in resume.

  1. Don’t give away too much information

You may think that your favorite hobby or where you went to school deserves to be talked about in a job interview. Unless asked, save those bits to yourself. “Tell me about yourself” is a pretty basic question. Be prepared with an answer that highlights your most recent employment history, achievements and an overview of your professional goals. It is okay to slip in a couple of personal details but keep it strictly there.

Don’t ask “where should I begin” for it is a tell-tale a sign of someone who needs to be spoon-fed instructions instead of thinking on their feet. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to ask “Would you like me to go into greater detail on anything in particular?” when you are done.

  1. Follow up

No, don’t mail them the first thing you get back from the interview. The follow up here is intended to wrap your conversation nicely and making the closure neat. Do you let yourself out after that awkward pose where neither of the parties have anything to add? Never do that. Instead of a mumbled ‘Thank you’, wrap up with a phrase like “I’m really looking forward to an opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic company and I really hope you select me.  You may even politely enquire about the next steps you should expect. Nothing like a clean closure to reinforce the idea that you’re enthusiastic about the job!

Making a good impression is not an impossible trick to master. Groom yourself, be prepared and walk in with your head held high. Follow these tips, ace your job interview and Wow your potential employer. If you deserve it, you can very well have it…!