Tips for Preparing an Elevator Pitch that Helps you Get Hired

Tips for Preparing an Elevator Pitch that Helps you Get Hired

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elevator pitch

A brief summary of the experience and background of a job candidate is considered an elevator pitch. The term happens for the sole reason that a candidate must be able to explain briefly all about himself including his qualifications to the hiring manager within a twelve-floor elevator ride. Generally, an ideal elevator pitch should limit… Read more »

Tips for an Interview Candidate on Ideal Attitude and Conduct

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Tips for an Interview Candidate

Who will not agree on the idea that job hunting could be a nerve-wracking experience? The process of job hunting goes right from recording each qualification painstakingly and drafting the ideal cover letter to appear for the job interview in the most pleasing as well as fruitful manner. The interview for sure is the most… Read more »

9 Most Asked Interview Questions and Their Relevant Answers

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It is quite obvious that gaining a few vital information on what a hiring manager of a company would be asking in the forthcoming interview, would be great from the view of a candidate preparing for the interview. Quite a number of candidates stumble through interviews as if they are facing questions shot directly from… Read more »

How to Get the Best Out of Recruiters and Increase Your Chances of Finding Your Perfect Job

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Recruiters are very important to the hiring process because they are the gatekeepers to introducing you as a qualified candidate to hiring managers. We want to talk to you about the strategy that you should take when talking with recruiters to help convince them that you are the right candidate for the job. This is… Read more »

Top 7 Behavioral questions and how to answer them!

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What is a behavioral question and what would be the best answer for it? It is a question or a way of technique that provides answer to the behavior of some individual. It is commonly used at the job interviews where the interviewers are asking different questions and getting different answers from the interviewees from… Read more »

7 Best Interview Questions & why you should ask them!

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Having the right candidate for your job position might be a bit of a struggle. There are plenty of qualified people that are looking for their dream job, but you need only the best one for the one you are offering. As an interviewer you need to ask the right questions in order to get… Read more »

13 Things You Never Want to Ask to Your Interviewer!!

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Talking about an interview, the most important tip is to avoid saying anything negative. Saying or doing negative things will reduce your chances of you getting hired. Nerves can bamboozle you during an interview. Nervousness causes slips of the tongue that will put you off-track thereby leaving the interviewer no option but to end the… Read more »

How to succeed at a video / phone interview?

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Did you spend a lot of time in preparing yourself for the upcoming interview? But is this a different type of interview and you don’t know what to do? Have you ever done a video or phone interview? Well, if you don’t know what you need to do in these cases then it is better… Read more »

4 ways to answer “What is your Dream Job??” question

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On most interviews you will be asked this question “What is your dream job?” This is equally true whether you are applying for an entry level job or a senior level job. Your answer can’t be something dreamy that has nothing to do with the current job you are applying for as this might make… Read more »

Want to Impress The Interviewer? Here’re 5 Foolproof Interview Tricks!

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First impression is never as important as when you appear for a job interview. More often than not, you get one shot at the job and your prospects depend on how good a shot you make it. It is all about impressing and convincing the interviewer that you are their best choice. So how to… Read more »

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