How to Face With a Bad Day At Work?

How to Face With a Bad Day At Work?

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Anyone can have a bad day at work. A day is called bad by the worker, if everything goes wrong for him and he simply may want to take his weight off the proceedings. Nevertheless, the story of a bad day at work is not a worry of just a few. In fact, it is… Read more »

Importance of Resume Cover-Letter to Get You Hired in 2018

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New years are times for many tech pros to start polishing their resumes and cover letters. As there is many a hiring manager or recruiter today that recommends getting a bit inventive with the format, the question is, should you try a bit of creativity while preparing your cover letter? You may a get a… Read more »

Tips on Grabbing Recruiter’s Attention in 2018 Job Search

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It happens that recruiters tire their clients serving them mundane positions, which calls for programming languages that might seem sophisticated and blazing for them. This can be one of those many recruiting trends for the year 2018 that would immensely impact career search. Here we provide the major recruiting trends for the year 2018 that… Read more »

9 Most Asked Interview Questions and Their Relevant Answers

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It is quite obvious that gaining a few vital information on what a hiring manager of a company would be asking in the forthcoming interview, would be great from the view of a candidate preparing for the interview. Quite a number of candidates stumble through interviews as if they are facing questions shot directly from… Read more »

Your First Job Is A Challenge; Top Tips For Tackling It

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A youngster’s first proper job can give him a hard time at a fresh workplace. Particularly on the first day, as the person may seldom know what to expect or what is expected of him. Then he may be nervous as well, thriving to create a great first impression. Here are some tips for the… Read more »

What Are The Right Signs, Its Time To Quit Your Current Job

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Have you ever had a rough day at work and wished you had some other job to turn to? Have you ever left your office furiously, swearing never to return? Do you feel like changing your current job but pretty uncertain at the right time to file your resignation letter? Are you feeling unfulfilled with… Read more »

Interesting Facts But True You Should Consider When Changing Jobs

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Switching Jobs? Points to Ponder What is the ideal point for an employee to switch jobs or even switch employers? This is a complicated question that has more often than not, a simple and straightforward answer. The solution could be as simple as the point where the person in question realizes he or she is… Read more »

10 Professional Etiquette Rules for a Successful Career

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Although it might nоt be ѕо оbviоuѕ in thе lоwеr lеvеlѕ оf business, etiquette iѕ actually quitе imроrtаnt as one сlimbѕ the rаnkѕ оf the buѕinеѕѕ hiеrаrсhу. Fоr thеm tо think оf you as a professional, you muѕt look and act likе a truе professional. Bу not giving them a professional imаgе of yourself, уоu… Read more »

Seven Important Steps to take before applying for an overseas job

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For any job applicant, working overseas not only boosts the scope of a better salary package, but holds the potential to catapult his career in the long term as well; particularly as regards to senior positions sought after. As more and more firms across the globe are looking for professionals with international experience apart from… Read more »

What are Soft Skills? Why are they Important Nowadays?

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Soft Skills Importance

How would you feel if you were thrown out of your corporate job at this moment that the economy continues to deteriorate? More importantly, how certain are you; you wouldn’t be the next in line to be thrown out of the job? Even if you are thrown out, do you have any soft skills to… Read more »

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