Useful Tips for Employers Preparing to Conduct an Ideal Interview

Useful Tips for Employers Preparing to Conduct an Ideal Interview

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If you are a recruiter set to conduct an ideal interview, you are advised to maintain your role as the person that conveys as well as obtains information. Here you know what interview questions to be asked and even more significantly what questions you should not ask as part of the interview. An interview is,… Read more »

How LinkedIn plays an upper hand in Job Hunting

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LinkedIn is one of the best business networking sites around to help anyone searching for new job opportunities to maximize their job search. An extraordinary large number of people are already using this site – far more so than other business networking sites that I know of. It is easy to regard LinkedIn as another… Read more »

8 Classic Interview Mistakes and How to recover from it

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There are big interviewing mistakes and there are little mistakes that you can make as a candidate during the interview. Some are universal. However, some mistakes that would be a big deal at one firm might be considered a little mistake at another. Nevertheless, be mindful of not making the most common of mistakes we… Read more »

4 ways to answer “What is your Dream Job??” question

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On most interviews you will be asked this question “What is your dream job?” This is equally true whether you are applying for an entry level job or a senior level job. Your answer can’t be something dreamy that has nothing to do with the current job you are applying for as this might make… Read more »

7 Interesting questions that an interviewer can ask !!

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If you are an interviewer and looking for the right candidate for your company, then you should pay attention on the questions you ask, and how much information will you get from them. It is good to start with getting to know question in order to make a comfortable atmosphere, and reduce the tense feelings,… Read more »

Want to Impress The Interviewer? Here’re 5 Foolproof Interview Tricks!

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First impression is never as important as when you appear for a job interview. More often than not, you get one shot at the job and your prospects depend on how good a shot you make it. It is all about impressing and convincing the interviewer that you are their best choice. So how to… Read more »

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