Tips to Prepare an Ideal Video Resume to Get You Hired Easily in 2018

Video resumes that stand to complement or even replace the traditional professional looking three-page paper resume in 2018 can be easier for the applicants to present themselves to prospective recruiting companies. They are indeed a great means for the job seeker to stand out in the crowd and occupy the top of the recruiters’ list, which might include thousands of paper versions coming in on a daily basis. Besides, a video resume could also offer the employers the chance of a prima-facie assessment of the applicant’s skills that would be a mere promise in case of a traditional resume.

However, making of an ideal video resume demands some effort and a little bit of skill. This is crucial as this concept is the latest in the segment and potential enough to take the job application strategy to the next level. A decently prepared video resume can absolutely set the candidate prioritized in his job search.

Creation of a fair video resume

For creating a good video resume that would set the applicant prioritized in his job search a short script is required based on the resume. This needs to short and simple. If such a script is written with a one minute plan or even a bit lesser, it can be called preferable. This should be followed with a few trials to make the person prepared and confident.

For the trials, a camera is of course needed. A budget mobile phone or a web camera of the laptop is more than enough for this purpose. However, optimal placement of the camera is crucial as it would obtain the perfect ambience for the candidate to create a decent video clip. After the recording of a few demo videos to ensure that the clip looks ideally bright and delivers quality voice, the person can go for the real take. Another point to be observed here is the background theme. A tidy and bright location with a bit of designing done can be picked before shooting. The absence of any background noise should be ensured by looking at the frame.

Points to ponder

  • Certain important guidelines one should be aware of, while making a good video resume are given below. These would serve to warn the candidates of basic mistake they are likely to make otherwise, while making the resume video.
  • Proper dressing must be maintained. Dressing up formally as if going for an in person interview is advised
  • The eyes of the candidate must be right on the camera; not around or on the floor
  • Speech must not go too fast
  • A professional language with terms specific to the industry should be maintained
  • Sixty to ninety second video clips are considered to be of the ideal duration
  • Sporting a pleasant smile with a confident and positive body language is also advised

The constitution of a good video resume

Every resume is unique, which is the good thing about this concept. However, the candidate must make sure that he follows the right format. The first part of the resume should carry the introductory message as a resume’s prime function is the introduction of the candidate to potential employers. The introduction must start with the full name of the candidate, his expertise and educational background.

The next part of the video resume includes the experience summary of the candidate. Here he may speak about his significant accomplishments and exactly what he learned during his tenure. Even if the candidate is a fresher, there is no need to worry as he can freely talk about his internships as well as achievements or what he had gained in academy life. Only point to maintain is to not making it too lengthy.

Standout attributes of the candidate can be presented briefly in the next part. This may include references on his skills, interests and hobbies. Here he should make sure that the viewer’s ideally get a glimpse of his personality through it.

Finally, the candidate is advised to maintain his conclusive section very short and impressive. He must see that the conclusion of the entire video presentation restates or briskly summarizes why a recruiter should hire him. The language used in this part should ideally be focused and direct.