UAE’s New Work Visa Rules Call for a ‘Good Conduct’ Certificate from the Candidates

Some significant changes to the visa system have been brought to effect in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from February 4, 2018. The fresh changes to the visa system of the country come in the shape of a mandatory requirement for the incoming expat workers to prove before the stamping section they are free from any criminal record. This may be in their country or in a previous country where they have resided previously.

The stringent fresh security checks were announced by the authorities in the second week of January 2018. According to the newly effected rules, all those seeking a work visa from the UAE would be asked to secure a good conduct certificate from their own country as well as those countries where they have resided previously.

The aim of this change brought about in the visa system is to help enhance the national security of the UAE besides creating a securer community within the state.

Have a look at how to secure a criminal record check from distinguished countries as far as the UAE is concerned as regards to their incoming expat workforce.

India is the website of the passport and visa division of the Indian Ministry of External Affair’s Consular, which can be used by the citizens of the country seeking emigration to the UAE for a good conduct certificate. After visiting the website, the applicant is required to register via the Passport Seva online portal and click on the link showing ‘apply for police clearance certificate’. Once the required details are entered and form is submitted, they will be required to pay a certain amount online for being able to reserve an appointment at the concerned passport office. There, the applicant will have to produce the original documents.

However, during emergency cases as in medical as well as preapproved instances, applicants are allowed to make a visit to a passport office without making an appointment.

Besides, depending on the citizens’ home state, police authorities also deliver the document.

United Kingdom

The citizens of the United Kingdom that are seeking emigration to the UAE are provided with a police clearance certificate from the ACR Criminal Records Office by the Council of the National Police Chief. The details furnished in the certificate include any previous conviction history, impending prosecutions, and offenses under investigation.

The citizens of the UK are able to apply as the fastest route, on the internet through the website –, or by post. The applicant will be asked to fill in a form of the application within the expected response time, which is two working days for premium service, and ten working days for regular service.

The certificate obtained thus can be presented to an employer or department of immigration directly.

United States

Any citizen of the United States can obtain a good conduct certificate (to prove lack of a criminal record) for certain reasons for use abroad. These include employment, school attendance, and adoption among others.

Those Americans seeking emigration to the UAE can approach their local police department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for obtaining a good conduct certificate. The certificate delivered by the FBI can also be an Identification Record that no record documents of that kind exist. For this the citizens may send to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services division, a written request along with identity proof, a set of fingerprints and a money order or certified cheque for the processing fee.


The website of the Ministry of Justice of France –, can be used by the French citizens wishing to emigrate to the UAE to make an online application for the purpose. The French will have a number of unique options related to their birthplace and if they are in their country or out. Each of these options will require the applicants to fill out. They will be able to select as well, the number of copies of the document required. This will be totally free of charge. The document issued thus would contain the records of criminal offenses if any and will be sent to the applicant by post.


The Federal Police of Australia is entitled to provide for the residents of Jervis Bay Territory, Australian Capital Territory and external Commonwealth Territories, with the National Police Checks. Those Australian citizens seeking employment with the government of the Commonwealth, those requiring a check as per the legislation of Commonwealth and for the immigration purposes and overseas employment, via and adoption applications, can use this document for the purpose.

Any other applicant not belonging to the groups given above are required to contact their relevant state’s or Territory police service’s criminal records sections.

For any legal or regulatory purpose, fingerprint checks may be asked for. This, however, will take additional time as well as a fee for processing.

An application can be made online or a form for the completion and print be downloaded before the submission of that through the post. Each application will cost the applicant around AUD 42 or up to AUD139 in case of a fingerprint submission. Around fifteen working days from the date of receipt (thirty working days for fingerprint submission required applications) are the processing time.


Family members of the UAE citizens sponsored by them and tourists are exempted from producing the good conduct and behavior certificate meant for the applicants of a working visa from the UAE. As regulations would apply to all fresh work visas, even long-term residents of the country seeking a fresh visa would be required to apply to the police department of Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a certificate.